Acrobat Online
To expand the service to its online software, Adobe Systems on Wednesday (27 / 5) and has introduced a technology that combines the creation and sharing a presentation online. Presentations, made by Adobe Labs, an experiment, which combines online word processor owned by Adobe, which is the Buzzword service ConnectNow for screen sharing and meeting other online activities. Adobe also offers online services version of the basic image-editing technology, Photoshop, which is named

"Application of the presentation can be made in Presentations tool such as a built-in and layout for the addition of visual elements, such as the set of colors, image placement is smart, and graphics tools to create charts and add an effect." Adobe said. Presentations also help work on the multi-presentation and at the same time.

"With the ability to simultaneously editing a presentation, there is no need to break down when the other changes in the content of the presentation. This application also helps to see anyone who has access the presentation, the view, and edit the slides which have been edited. "Add the Adobe.

Presentations site itself based on Adobe Flash technology, an add-on that has been installed in many web browsers. Meanwhile, rival Adobe, Google Docs, using the JavaScript programming language built into web browser. While Microsoft, with its Office services online has been using Silverlight and JavaScript.

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Newest Game, Terminator salvation

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Terminator Salvation
May not know much about the developer grin, which is behind the scenes making of the film Wanted, Bionic Commando and update the latest movie, Terminator salvation. Grin create software from the game film Terminator salvation, before the film with the same title released. However, for the game Terminator salvation is played by Christian Bale as in the film, even this game has only one goal, so may appear less interesting.

In this Terminator salvation game, the main actor, John Conner must stand still in its mission, and only that purpose. There is some contention in a fun Co-op mode in the game. With the view of the film Terminator salvation looks like this even in the game. However, in its own game seems to be less promising. However, this game is quite challenging, as evidenced by the repetitive fight with the enemy, discovering the enemy weaknesses and point the system cover radial race to win.

Radial Cover system will show how to move to another position, so that the Terminator robot, and another machine can cause damage from weapons used player, but quite fun to play. Player can play in under five minutes, if the player can use the time as well as possible, even if you have to repeat the defeat of the race again.

Terminator salvation Games is made grin and published by Warner Home Video Games, and sold with the price $ 59.99, for platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Windows Vista SP2
After the end of days ago announced the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, Microsoft finally released the Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Vista SP2 for the public. SP2 on this added support for hardware such as 64bit processor from VIA, Bluetooth v2.1, and Windows Connect Now (WCN) Wi-Fi Configuration. This update also adds the ability to record on the Blue-Ray media, add Windows Search 4.0, the various security updates, including the update-update has been released after SP1.

To be able to install SP2 on Windows Vista is required to update to SP1, is different from the Windows Server 2008 is already included in SP1. In addition, before installing SP2 is final, as the previous release SP2 Beta or RC must be uninstall first time that the restrictions on the release is missing.

The process to SP2 update can be done through the Windows Update service or to download the first file on the SP2 installer address below to download and install on to a computer with Windows Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008.

* Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - Five Language Standalone for x86-based Systems (348.3 MB)
* Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - Five Language Standalone for x64-based Systems (577.4 MB)
* Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 - Five Language Standalone for Itanium-based Systems (450.4 MB)
* Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - Five Language Standalone DVD ISO (1376.8 MB)

Most of the computers used at this time is running Windows Vista 32bit, so it's likely that you will need to download is the download link the first.

For more information about Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Server SP2, you can read the Microsoft Knowledge Base KB948465.

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MailStore Home for Email Backup

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Mailstore Home
For some reason, so you may want to create a backup email, email access with your regular mail client like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird or that you access through the use webmail such as Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, or other supporting PO3 (such as email at or IMAP. For the purposes of backup email sources, and one that can be used is to use the MailStore Home application .

MailStore Home more intended as an application that can be used to perform backup or archiving of emails from the mail client or webmail is used, but the emails that are included in attachment you can still read through the following facilities MailStore Home search emails existing email client as general. You can specify the folder which will be in the backup folder, or anywhere that will be missed.

Conditions for use of MailStore Home for example you can only access emails stored in your Gmail or Microsoft Exchange at the time only in the office only when you want you can still read it at your home computer. Here you can make archiving your emails while in office with MailStore Home storage and drive on a folder on the hard drive or an external flash you. Home MailStore install the computer in the house and drive to the folder you save the email archives, you are able to read your emails.
Download MailStore Home
Results from the backup MailStore Home, the addition can be read directly through MailStore Home, you can export the archive to the email to various other email client, CD / DVD, and also to the email account that supporting IMAP or SMTP. With the existence of this feature, MailStore Home media can be a mediator when you want to switch email client program that you use without having to lose the emails that have been previously entered.

MailStore Home is a freeware that can be used with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, or Vista.

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Millions of mobile phone in the world never seems to make the bored producer issued newest products. We see every day there is always only the latest model that is ready to make the stifling world of telecommunication.

Today (22/05/09) recently announced the latest mobile phone brand Alcatel. From information circulating at this time, mobile phone OT-800A Tribe include tri-band GSM / EDGE 850/1800/1900 which is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 that supports A2DP. Besides, this phone is also equipped with the accelerometer, 2 megapixel digital camera that can also support video capture. In fact the phone can also connect through a microSD slot. Mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard is also added more features to the radio, music player and has a built-in browser with Opera. Described how the price has not been used in a mobile phone that he is ready to support operators such as T-Mobile and AT & T.

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Google Chrome 2.0
Google Chrome 2.0 is a browser that is claimed as a Google browser is easy to use and to perform 20 percent faster, compared with 1.0 Chrome test results according to However, the fact, according to PCWorld, there are some users who claim that Chrome is simple in failure, because Chrome 1.0 has a fundamental lack of features for a web browser in 2009, such as form auto-fill, full-screen mode, and the extension. However, the presence of 2.0 Chrome, Google has at least close the gap slightly with 1.0 Chrome, such as the full screen mode, auto-fill form, the ability to remove a thumbnail from the "New Tab", and also repair all bugs Chrome improvised performance.

Chrome Browser 2.0 this looks the same as previous versions, but easy enough to find full-screen mode, by pressing F11 or selecting from the menu icon in the toolbar. However, it appears to be useful when using full screen mode, as the browser lost all control, there is no tab or toolbar.

Moreover, user can not enter the website address, access the bookmark, but Chrome's start page. Everything must be done via keyboard shortcuts or right-click menu. Google revealed that full-screen mode is designed to view the video presentation and a full screen. Meanwhile, the form auto-fill, Chrome 2.0 displays several options that may be selected by users. To remove a thumbnail, simply click the Remove Thumbnails, click the thumbnail that you want to delete, and click Done. Chrome Browser 2.0 is claimed Google's browser as a fast and light, is also more stable.

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Several weeks after disappearing from civilization, Conficker malware infection that is still ongoing. It was delivered by experts in Symantec security researcher who reported that the botnet malware is present Conficker back. Botnet malware authors Conficker has been claimed that the drug has been Conficker system 50.000 per day.

According to Symantec researcher, revealed that the computer system's highest infection occurred in the United States, Brazil and India., While the spread of infection is going on in China, Mexico, and Italy. "Indeed Conficker or Downadup has spread this far. In fact, team inteligen Symantec estimates that there are 50.000 new PC is now infected every day. "Pillowslip Symantec researchers.

As is known, this worm Conficker attend the first in January, and then spread more and more in this year. When Symantec Conficker find three variants, the malware designed to attack the 1st of April, that does not happen. Now after disappeared without Conficker such as news, showing an attack new, more 'fertile' Gumblar the infection, which had attacked the Google site.

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Robobama, Animatronic Robot Twin Of Obama

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Obama Robot
What happens when Barack Obama be a robot?
Barack Obama is standing appears to give a speech about freedom. However, the United States President to-44 is made of silicon skin, and in the back there is also a network cable to the 'nerve fiber' Obama. Obama is a robot reproduction to 21st-century, made by big companies Walt Disney Company, and with direct intervention from the White House staff, and President Obama himself.

The President does not only supply the body size and shape, but also voice recording and speech that made Disney's draft, with the sound quality of high-definition. Meanwhile, the Disney does not mention how much it cost to build a robot or Obama "Robobama" is. According to, they work under the protection of United States Secret Service, and only a journalist who bsia near monumentalize and Disney's product image.

According to Disney, President Obama is not the first president who donated his voice, but President George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also had to do the same. Robobama this theater will be launched in Disney World, along with the animatronic figure every other president, at the date of July 4.

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Fennec Beta
Mozilla has released Firefox mobile browser beta version for Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. As Mozilla Fennec, the browser is ready for beta release for Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, but for this version of Windows Mobile is expected to attract a larger mass. Fennec mobile browser is Gecko HTML engine to use, touch interface for zooming and scanning. In addition, there is still the Awesome Bar in Firefox 3 on.

Fennec while using TraceMonkey engine to support JavaScript, and want to make Mozilla Fennec browser running faster, especially for zooming. Fennec users can also download add-on for improvisation browser functions, such as improvised Firefox on the desktop. Developers can also create a program such as add blocker for mobile browser.

Fennec browser is expected to be present at the end of the year for Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphone. Mozilla said that the Fennec mobile browser is not compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or because of technical problems on the license. Mozilla Fennec will apply after the launch, and will compete with the Apple Safari mobile and Opera mini browser.

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Vishing, New Tricks Fraud Via Phone

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May have heard a lot about 'phishing', which is designed to steal money from the web users, but now with more sophisticated criminal uses another name for the same crime committed, ie, 'vishing'. Last week, the Federal Trade Commission has put a claim against two telemarketing companies in Florida and one company that sells automobile warranty for the Do Not Call register and crimes committed since 2007, ie, by making 1 million calls to make money more than $ 10 billion.

The three companies have been stealing the phone number and use it to hide the identity of the consumer and the authorized legal authorities. The case, called vishing attack, in which network the phone is used to deceive people in order to get money. Vishing is a social engineering techniques to steal information or money from consumers using the telephone network. Term is present in the combination between the 'voice' and 'phishing'.

Fraud using a telephone network, this is quite easy to do, that is, using the technology VoIP (Voice over IP). Traditional telephone network, working with the connecting the circuit to another circuit. Each circuit is for a phone number by the phone company, so to change the phone number the caller is difficult. However, with VoIP, there is no circuit, because the service using the Internet, the devices each with a different IP address that is different also, not with the phone number. Phone numbers from VoIP service can also be arranged by the users themselves, including the area code and prefix number, so that the user can hide the user from which to call.

Technically, the attacker using a technique called fraud phone number to make calls as if coming from a legitimate person or phone number that is known by the victim. Similar to engineering through email scams, where an email address that looks like coming from a known email address. Such as phishing attacks that drive consumers online to a phone in the website, the victims are usually tricked vishing recorded message from the attacker and then be to call the toll-free number or a toll-free service. Then the customer in the requested information on a credit card number or other personal information, or the user can also be persuaded to buy counterfeit goods with a high price.

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error installation Office 2010
An error has occurred during installation of Office 2010 build 14.0.4006.1010 64 bit, which seems to be released Microsoft Office 2010 32 bit and 64 bit in one DVD. In March, the Office 2010 64 bit is planned to be released, and in April, according to the site Ars, an error occurred in this Office in 2010. However, according to the Ars dilansir, there speculation that Office 2010 will be Microsoft.

So far, Microsoft still does not give detail of what will be done with Office 2010 this error. According to the site Ars, when installing Office 2010 in 64 bit Windows Vista, there is an error like the above image, which then requires the user to insert a disc the same again. In addition, there are any posts with a warning as below:

"If you want to install 64-bit Office 2010, you must uninstall all 32-bit Office products fist, and then run setup.exe in the x64 folder. If you want to install 32-bit Office 2010, close this setup. Then navigate to the x86 folder at the root of your CD/DVD and run setup.exe."

The text on the warning meant the same as Vista, where the product key can only be used for one version of Office 2010, a 32-bit or 64 bit software for the same.

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Dell Latitude 2100
After the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) XO laptop with its, now began to look for the Dell netbook to bring the world of education. Dell has released a netbook model 2100 kid-friendly, with a system that is suitable for children kindergarten to grade eight in the primary school. Netbook Dell Latitude 2100 is built with the design and the plastic casing made of rubber, dibalut with an interesting color variations for the child.

Because netbook Dell Latitude 2100 is devoted to education, the portable netbook is designed to hold down, users still remember the children. At the top of the design there is a light, used as an indicator of network activity. Bookmarks are ideal when used to warn students kindergarten or elementary school who are in class, try the Internet online. However, the light will not shine until the red children's access to the Internet when they were in the class. Dell still thinking of ideas for color and pattern, flash lights to indicate what the children do, but for now this is still the usual form.

Lights in a netbook Dell Latitude 2100 is a simple transistor, with a touchscreen display has a resolution of 1024 by 576 pixels. In fact, if children berulah draggle display, then the teacher or parent can be cleared easily. Netbook Dell Latitude 2100 Dell was equipped with anti-choice keyboard microbia help prevent the spread of germs from the hands of children.

Netbook Dell Latitude model 2100 is equipped with a processor Intel Atom N270 1.6-GHz, 512MB RAM, a SSD (Solid State Drive) 16GB. Netbook Dell Latitude 2100 can also be run on Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows XP, or Ubuntu Linux system. In addition, there is still webcam, connection Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth access in the netbook Dell Latitude 2100, though not equipped with the optical drive. Weight netbook Dell Latitude 2100 is around 2.9 pounds, with dimensions of 10.4 x 7.3 x 5.7 inch. Dell netbook to sell Dell Latitude 2100 with the starting price is $ 369, with 3 cell battery stack.

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Philips Xenium X550
Philips has added members to the type Xenium series, with the mobile phone Philips Xenium X550. Excess Philips Xenium X550 device includes a battery endurance can be a pledge to reach the standby 1 month, and the superior talktime. However, unfortunately, mobile phone Philips Xenium X550 does not have 3G or UMTS connection, and only support data transfer with GPRS and EDGE, so it's likely this phone is not sold in the U.S., and only sold in China and Europe. Philips Xenium X550 mobile phone features a slim design and lightweight with a single digital keyboard. Meanwhile, mobile phone Philips Xenium X550 not yet have a price of course Philips.

Specifications Philips Xenium X550 mobile phone:

* Form factor: candy bar phone
* Network GSM / EDGE (850.900 / 1800/1900 MHz)
* Display QVGA support for 262K colors
* Camera 3.2 MP
* FM-radio with RDS
Bluetooth Interface *
* 79 MB internal Memory
* Slot microSDHC 8GB
* 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus
* Features a music player
* Email client
* Dimensions 112 x 45 x 11.7 mm
* Weight 90 grams

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gmail translator
Gmail has created a new feature back with the message received by Gmail users, who can automatically translate into 41 languages. Announcement is submitted by Google, Tuesday (19/05), as is said from PCWorld. Features message translation automatically in Gmail is expected to make a Gmail user's individual communication between the individual and the more easy, especially for a talk with the different languages so that they can send messages in accordance with the language used, as well as the use of communication and collaboration application suite for the company.

In the context of this application Gmail, has been easier for organizations or companies that want to run a business to different countries to communicate internally with their employees, and externally with partners and their customers. However, Google recognizes that technology is automated machine translation not perfect, but his side will continue to make improvements to technology, so if there is any error in the translate text, the recipient of a message can still know the meaning of messages sent by sender. Message recipients can also switch between the original message and the message version translation.

Google Gmail users and features Apps Standard Edition can also use the translation features of this automated message. How by clicking the menu "Settings" in Gmail, and select the tab "Labs", which is the experiment where the features of Google, which can be modified or removed in the parsed one time. While users in the Gmail Apps Apps Premier and Education must be a domain administrator who can enable Gmail Labs in the control panel.

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Recent years, the term technooprenuership often once we met and heard in various media both print and electronic media. The books use this term as part of the title is a lot of pop. In fact, some universities began offering technoprenuership as program and open the master program. One of the universities in Asia that offer Master Degree Program in Technopreneurship is Nanyang Technology University (Nanyang Technological University - NTU) Singapore. NTU even have a special center for the study of this field is known by the name of Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC).

What Technopreneurship?

Review of the original saying, Technopreneurship term is a derivative of two words, namely 'technology' and 'enterpreneurship'. In general, the word technology is used to refer to the practical application of knowledge to the industry or as a framework of knowledge that is used to create the tools, to develop expertise and materials in order to solve the existing problems. While Entrepreneurship word comes from the word entrepreneur refers to a person or agency that created the business / business with courage bear the risk and uncertainty to achieve profitability and growth with the opportunity to identify how the existing (Zimmerer & Scarborough, 2008).

If the above two words are combined, the word technology here is a refinement, because the technology in "technopreneurship" refer to the information technology, ie technology that use Computer as a tool for processing. Posadas (2007) defines the term technopreneurship in a wider scope, ie, as a technology entrepreneur in the field of semiconductor technology, which includes accessories to the Personal Computer (PC). As an example is how Steven Wozniak and Steve Job develop their hobby until they are able to sell up and 50 of the first Apple computer, or how Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a paper that they became known as the Google search engine. They are referred to as this is the technopreneur in this definition.

In the national discourse, the term refers to Technopreneurship more information on the utilization of technology to the development of entrepreneurship. Unlike the first definition above, the type of entrepreneurship in technopreneurship here is not limited in entrepreneurial information technology, but all types of business, such as business furniture, restaurant, super market or crafts, batik and silver. The use of information technology that is meant here is the Internet to market their products, such as in online trading (e-Commerce), the special Software to cut production costs, or the use of web 2.0 technology as a means of advertising for entrepreneurship. In the second, it is not clear which party can be called as a technopreneur. Here, the second will be used together.

Technopreneurship in Asia

If we look to 2 -3 decades ago, then just call it Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore are still classified as Developing Countries. But now these countries have become countries with advanced economy that is based on the technology industry. Korea begins with the development of traditional industries, followed by semiconductor industry. While Singapore has a contract in the field of electronics companies with the west, followed by the semiconductor manufacturers. Taiwan famous accessories industry with a Personal Computer (PC). Make a secret that the development of these countries there is a progressive innovation.

Innovation in the field of information technology this is also making India a developed and industrialized world incaran west for both outsourcing and capital investment. Examples of technology developed by India is a Handheld PC as Simputer. Simputer was developed for beginners and users of the financial middle class is a user below. Simputer executed by the ARM-based processors that use cheap and opensource based Operating System. In the market price is around $ 200.

India innovation performance came from the company shyam Telelink Ltd. Shyam Telelink equip becak CDMA phone or device with a battery strength 175. Becak very day is also equipped with the automatic payment machine. Passengers can call and becak tariff imposed rupee is about 1.2 per 20 minutes. Then, this company employs people who do not have the expertise to navigate spot. Wages of the cycle rickshaw is not based on a fixed salary but a commission of 20% of each fare telfon earned (Wireless week, 2003).

In the Philippines, SMART phone or device company to develop a method to transfer money from the workers of the Philippines abroad via mobile phone or device with SMS. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), SMART can meraup about U.S. $ 14 - 21 trillion per year cost of the transfer program.

China follow the same. Chinese companies began to show itself in the international world. IBM's acquisition of the company by China's Lenovo in 2004 and the company's acquisition of Thomson by French television to prove that the Guangdong in China technoprenuership more sturdy.

Studies show that Posadas technopreneurship in developing Asia is caused by several things. First, the factors that inspired by the innovation of Silicon Valley. If the industrial revolution in 20th century America that are triggered by the innovation that there is no stoppage of Silicon valley, the Asian countries race to build the Silicon Valley with their own characteristics and their locality.

Second, the innovations that have made directed to liberate themselves from dependence western world. Most of the technology that was created by the western world for the top or the person / institution / company that created the rich and the dependence. Meanwhile most of the people (read market) Asia has not been able to meet the market's western technology. Asia still many people who have income below $ 1 per day, so they do not have access to technology that was created by the western world. This is a great opportunity for the technopreneur to innovate in technology to create a product that reach marginalized communities.

Technopreneurship direction in Indonesia

Much of the discourse in our country lead Technopreneurship as in the second definition above. Whether in seminars, workshops and news, it can be found that the use of information technology can support the business. Especially in the global crisis such as now, the opportunities for doing business via the Internet increasingly popular. There is a belief that Technopreneurship business solutions in the doldrums like this. For example, the Software will reduce the production cost for the furniture company. If before, they must make a prototype with a chair as a sample to create and send a sample, then with the use of certain Software, the company does not need to send a sample chair to customers, but only shows the design of a chair in the form of soft-copy only. This assumption does not consider the price of the software license must be purchased by the company's furniture.

If technopreneurship understood as in these examples, then this is leaving some questions: Is it right to be able to technopreneurship business solutions in the present time? Where will be taken in the direction technoprenership our country? According to the author sparingly, technopreneurship understood in the narrow meaning of this will become a boomerang for the business, as this will create artificial dependence on western technology. And this is not in line with the spirit technopreneurship developed by other Asian countries. In addition, developing innovations that have not been able to remove the dependency of the scale, as individuals, such as innovation and creativity in website development, web 2.0 technology as a media campaign. Innovation is expected that innovation in capacity development with local technology base of the west, so that the results of innovation can deliver us from the pressure dependence of the license and the dependency of western technology.

To be able to go to the same direction as the state-neagara our other neighbors, then the first thing to do is make deconstruktion understanding Technopreneurship. This is important because we all know that perception determines action. With the understanding technopreneurship as in the first definition will enable the emergence of the technopreneurship that will bring our country run along with India, South Korea and taiwan.

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Samsung Jack i367
Samsung Jack i367 is a new generation of Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone which comes exclusively to AT & T customer and fast 3G network facilities. Samsung Jack i367 mobile phone features a slim design and compact handset with a keyboard that is easy optimization is used for typing, including SMS, Instant Messaging, and access to multiple email accounts. Samsung Jack i367 mobile phone features the synchronization of contacts, calendar and task list software with Microsoft Exchange Server or Xpress Mail.

"Handphone Samsung Jack will attend the May 19 date at the AT & T ( and become a bridge between smartphone BlackJack and BlackJack II. BlackJack series has become a franchise sales in the history of Windows Mobile. "Claim Mike Woodward, vice president of Mobile Phone Portfolio, AT & T Mobility Corporation. Samsung Jack i367 mobile phone is to combine stylish design and desktop of Windows that is ideal for personal and business.

The main features of the Samsung Jack i367 mobile phone:

* 256MB of RAM
* 3.2 megapixel camera with video capabilities
* Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g connection for home and office
* A-GPS built-in with AT & T navigator
Software * Windows Mobile 6.1, Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile (Word, Excel PowerPoint), Windows Media Player 10 Mobile
* Internet Explorer Mobile Browser
* Content in XM Radio Mobile ™
* CV (Cellular Video) for video streaming
* Bluetooth technology
* Memory 16GB microSD card
* Price estimate of $ 99.99 (AT & T)
* Warranty 2 years

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Call Use Google Voice

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Google Voice
Google has released Google Voice, an application which helps users to manage voice communication. Google Voice will be present for the user GrandCentral, a service that has been present since July 2007. Google Voice application is the use of color will add a mobile phone. Users can copy all or receive voicemail and explore all the SMS messages sent or received. Users can also use Google Voicemail services for international calls and easy access to a directory assistant goog-411.

Call button on the Google Voice is labeled with a green colour will open a box dialogue, facilitate the user to select a mobile phone is lost or want to look for and the number that you want to be contacted. When Click Connect, Google Voice first tones will blast phone wherever located. Then if the user and find it, then Google will be doing the Voice dial a number that has been entered.

As is known, GrandCentral offers many interesting features, including a number for home, office, mobile phone, a central voicemail inbox that is accessible to the web and display the ability to display the call list based on the name of the caller voicemail. If users want to use GrandCentral, users will receive instruction in GrandCentral inbox in a few days, on how to use Google Voice.

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Campaign Blog on Kindle Publishing for Blogs ?

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Kindle Publishing for Blogs
Amazon, on Wednesday (13 / 5) yesterday have created a new program, Kindle Publishing for Blogs for Kindle e-reader, a program that allows bloggers to sell their blog through the Amazon Kindle store. Kindle Publishing Program for Blogs are present in the beta version, the user must request the sign-up for an account on the Amazon blog and provide background information to the Amazon, such as RSS feeds and blog.

According to Amazon, Kindle Blogs are now present automated wireless connection through Kindle. Amazon claims that 70 percent subscribe to the blog have to pay per month and 30 percent owned by the blogger. Examples that have been following the Kindle Publishing for Blogs like The Huffington Post, and blog The New York Times, who has been paying 99 cents to $ 1.99 per month. However, Amazon will give you a fixed cost if the blogger would like to offer a blog to its Kindle.

Amazon Services is present after the latest Kindle DX debut. Amazon also released Amazon Encore, a service 'repetition', to identify the author of the book and show the potential to get big sales. Amazon plans to use customer reviews to find books that may be hidden and then distribute it through multiple channels, such as Amazon Books Store, Amazon Kindle Store, a national bookstore and through resellers.

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Google leer Online News Industry

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Google Online News
The Google executive has to spend time talking about the journalism, and made CNET, Monday (11 / 5) and that Google intends to increase profits and incomes. Google has a discussion with The New York Times and The Washington Post about the possibility of collaboration, or investment. Howard Kurtz, representatives from The Washington Post revealed that Google has discussed with the executive with The Washington Post paper entitled improvisation in the making and a new online news presentation, with the help of employees and The Washington Post editor Philip Bennett, who worked to analyze the future of business in the news The Washington Post Company.

According to Kurtz, it is not yet clear how, but the talks between Google and The Washington Post ranging from creating a new web tool to technology for journalists or readers. Meanwhile, the Google, according to the MediaMemo's, said that meeting only informal meeting, and the always speak with a publisher to find creative ways to help them get money from online news content.

Meanwhile, separately, lapora of Fortune, stated that Google is giving serious thoughts to The New York Times to go before the business further. MediaMemo staff noted that The New York Times will follow discussions with Google, as well as with the Google collaboration with The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Google has its own claim on the idea of production content to its online news, and this is the first time Google's new discussions with the owner of The New York Times. Can be concluded, Google has begun to be interested, in addition to the web search industry, now look for the publishing industry combined with content online.

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Netbook Aspire One D150
Acer has released Aspire One netbook, with a 10.1 inch screen, and more storage space, as well as a battery with a greater resistance to 5 hours, the entry in the stylish design of this netbook. Netbook Acer Aspire One D150 is equipped with Intel Atom processor N270 1.66Ghz, DDR2 1GB RAM memory, but there is no optical drive. In an effort to publish the Aspire One netbook is D150, Acer makes it in many different variations in color, like white, black, blue and red. While the storage capacity of hard disk netbook Aspire One D150 is 160GB, plus facilities connect Wireless-G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0. In addition to Wi-Fi, netbook Aspire One D150 has a 10/100 Fast Ethernet network.

Facilities for the plug netbook Acer Aspire One D150 consists of 3 USB ports, VGA port, LAN jack, card reader, microphone and headphone jack. Meanwhile, in the visible color glossy cover, and can utilize the fingerprint maximum. Acer Aspire One Netbook this D150 looks especially good under bright light, plus logo stuck corner at the corner of the netbook. In addition to this there is a netbook right port to charge the battery and the other 2 USB ports. Unfortunately, the Aspire One netbook Acer D150 is not equipped with the ExpressCard slot.

Netbook Acer Aspire One D150 is capable of running on the operating system Windows XP Home. For dimensions 260x35x210 mm range, with the weight netbook around 1:39 kg, plus facilities to the camera type still VGA resolution. However, the trackpad is very small when compared with the previous model, and the mouse button on the trackpad is also less convenient. While for the keyboard is also less comfortable to type for long hours. For the price range of Acer Aspire One netbook this D150 is $ 423 with 1 year warranty.

Excess netbook Acer Aspire One D150:

* 10.1 inch screen
* Design looks stylish
* The battery is able to survive long
* The price is quite affordable

Disadvantages :

* Trackpad small
* Weight for weight size netbook

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Nokia 6750 Mural
This News is still pre-release from Nokia, the middle of preparing for a Nokia mobile phone for AT & T, which is published on the FCC website. Nokia 6750 mobile phone or Mural is a creation of the latest Nokia mobile phone, a clamshell-shaped, plus the key practical music player, and a display outside the shell is hidden behind the glass.

In the FCC website, mentioned that the Nokia 6750 mobile phone will have 3G speeds, with the UMTS 850/1900 bands used by AT & T. In addition, the Nokia 6750 phone that will be present with microSD memory card slot up to 8GB capacity, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 2 megapixel camera with flash.

On the keypad there is the "CV" to service AT & T Cellular Video. However, still not known whether the system in the Nokia 6750 mobile phone or this Mural will running, if the operating system, such as S60 smartphone on the other, including the Nokia 6650 Fold.

Mural Device is a mobile phone handset dual-band 3G, and will be launched first in the U.S. this year. Nokia 6750 mobile phone is also equipped with key features music, dual display and mobile phone design is glossy.

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T-Mobile G2
Meanwhile, Android 1.5 Cupcake is now in the grip T-Mobile G1, HTC and the Magic have been published in the European countries, now have a new Android devices will be present in the upcoming month of July. According to BGR (Boy Genius Report), in July, will attend HTC Sapphire or better known by the name of Magic for HTC T-Mobile. HTC Sapphire will be the price of $ 179, with two-year warranty, and features a 5 megapixel camera is better.

Still associated with the Android, according to the source TMOToday, T-Mobile will release a smartphone T-Mobile G1 or v2 of the code name of Bigfoot. Smartphone T-Mobile G1 v2 or T-Mobile G2 have this feature with the G1, such as a slide QWERTY keyboard, but for the G1 has a more attractive design.

Still from TMOToday, smartphone T-Mobile G2 will have the look of fine design and the capacity is almost the same as the G1. In the meantime, full specifications smartphone from T-Mobile G1 v2 this will be sold with the price range of $ 148, with 2 year warranty through Wal-Mart.

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Apple Releases Leopard OS X 10.5.7

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Leopard OS X 10.5.7
On Tuesday (12 / 5) yesterday, Apple has released OS X 10.5.7 operating system to Leopard. Update Leopard system is also intended to make improvements to security and bug variations. According, OS X 10.5.7 update is included relating to the Apache web server, PHP, CoreGraphics, and Safari. Update patch has been in the system to improve the weaknesses in the three Apple Type Services, QuickDraw Manager, and WebKit, all of which can lead to execution of malicious code.

While hardware support for the RAW image as a digital camera for third-party, a format that can display more image information than JPEG. Udpate OS X 10.5.7 system now also increase performance and video playback cursor movement for the Mac with the latest Nvidia graphics components, with the keyboard layout is similar as in Mac OS X 10.5.6.

Leopard System OS X 10.5.7 also has a patch for the stability and security performance, such as when the user will log in to Gmail and to synchronize the contacts on Yahoo. Update this system will also refresh the Dashboard widgets, including the Unit Converter, Stocks, Weather, and Movies. There is still improvisation for improvisation iCal automatically with MobileMe. Apple also has performed improvised Parental Control system in the Leopard OS X 10.5.7 is. Leopard OS X Update 10.5.7 will be present or in the standalone installer from Apple Software Update.

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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, is the software all-in-one premium core technology that combines security with a browser that is to provide comprehensive consumer protection, attacks against the computer and go to the web. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security also has a secure online backup and system maintenance tools, providing ultimate protection for computer users.

Multi-layer security offered ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is the main form of protection to protect your computer and web-based attacks. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security software features a browser virtualization technology with constant protect computers from online threats. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Products Security is created by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. that has been able to successfully handle the attack occurred.

Main features of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite, such as advanced firewall with antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware. While the features in ZoneAlarm ForceField will help provide security when users want to surf or shopping online. There are online backup tool that will provide data security and consumer files, protect files and data from theft, the damage is not willful or hard disk. Software ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite has support with Windows XP and Windows Vista 64-bit and 32-bit, and the price of the software to its original range of $ 72.

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Google Sky Map
Now, Google has to update own web search features, on Tuesday (12 / 5) ago. New feature is called "Sky Map", which is easier for users to its mobile phone, T-Mobile G1 or Android mobile phone with the software, to know astrology when they map to see the night sky. Sky Map application will use GPS (Global Positioning System) and set the date data and also the time to know the kind of object space. "For example you want to see Venus, the user can see the map in the sky around Venus and the object that encircle the planet is." Said Google.

Google gives "Search Options" that allows the user to narrow the search results from within 24 hrs ago, weeks ago, or years ago. Features "Search Options" also make the user can limit their search results based video, product reviews, and forum posts in the topic-specific topic.

"We want to help Google Search users when they want to display the information useful, and they can do something useful in it. Search Options feature is a collection of tools that the user can customize the search results and create a different view to find what they are looking for more quickly and easily. "Said Marissa Mayer, Google vice president.

Google is also adding new features of the tool called "Google Squared" which will be present at the end of this month. "Not like other normal search engine, Google Squared is not showing web pages per topic, but it automatically retrieve and compile all the facts from the Internet website." Added Google.

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Award And Thropies For Achievement

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I think many employees of a company to do their work very satisfying, and even some employees do not get rewards or prizes to ensure that the job is done perfectly, why can this happen? Meanwhile, cash rewards and will add that soon exhausted and forgotten, the company gives the award to prove that preserved a very good appreciation for the dedication and achievement. At this time I found a journal that says the corporate awards is available several special awards including items such as plaques, medals or gold.

Not only in companies with rewards given to employees, but also in world sport. What type of reward? To enrich the social element, in a league softball, softball trophies have to prove a suitable winner of appreciation. It is the hope that all athletes mazer akan more productive in every match. Athletes who get better performance and greater competition in winning the national league should be valued as rewards with a very prideful thing.

In baseball the reward is not so different from softball. Baseball Trophies awards very prideful in the baseball league. How do all of the rewards mentioned above? Online payment through Visa, Amex, mastercard accepted and that SSL encryption is provided to enhance security. Then UPS delivered the award.

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Google Earth said Secret Japan Location Map

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When Google Earth have found the secret and older in Japan at the end of a year ago, Google does not think there will be a surprising response. Detail sketch prints image hidden locations that have long since have been posted on a website, and a map of Tokyo's history that has been be in 2006, also does not cause any problems.

However, a prediction that Google has found what Google Earth does not cause problems. Now, Google must face the demands of the Justice Department alleged the map and the location of low-caste community who have lived from time to time past. Map shows the location of the feudal period, where there are caste system. In the caste hierarchy of the bottom there is a class called "burakumin", an ethnic community that is identical with the Japanese in general, only those living in isolation, because of their work, such as working for the skin, kill the animals and dig graves.

Caste in fact have been long since removed, and buraku old village has now become a metropolis the city, although there are still descendants of the original burakumin of 3 million people in the meet location. However, the location of the modern village burakumin are not many people who know Japanese. While Google Earth has been to map out some areas, a village in Tokyo labeled "eta", a word which is considered an insult in the village or burakumin meaning 'dirty area'.

In response to allegations about the secret location appear and contempt village burakumin, Google responded that the government does not have the purpose to make it ugly, da side is very much concerned with human rights. Yoshito Funabashi, spokesperson for Google said, impeachment is not the map, but to its software, because the map is valid print in Japan. However, from the Judiciary, said that the area is a burakumin areas that reflect the cultural past that still exists in Japan and treated with either by the publisher and museum, to the public must be given the explanation with the location, but Google does not provide any explanation .

Different response launched by Takashi Uchino, from the center of Buraku Liberation League in Tokyo. "If you look a map of the location burakumin prohibited, the same that they have not." Takashi said.

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Once exposed to phishing Facebook, Twitter now turn to be ill-fated in the hands of hackers. A hacker has been claiming origin French administrative panel access through Twitter with the Twitter email account on Yahoo, with access to the administrator password and then steal Twitter employees. Hacker is reported, can see the important data that belongs to President Barack Obama, Britney Spears and singer actor Ashton Kutcher.

In addition, the hackers claim to Croll called Hacker has 13 post screenschot admin panel Twitter. Screenshot of data including data internal account of the public figure in the top. Meanwhile, the parties have not responded to Twitter and comment on this. However, there are indications that the screenshot is legitimate, and indeed created by the hacker who attacked the Twitter admin account.

In the news in, hackers are saying that the action is just a social engineering, there is no exploitation, there is no XSS weaknesses, there is no backdoor, no sql injection, but the search is just a slit weaknesses Twitter. Hacker Croll also wrote that one of the admin have a Twitter account on Yahoo Mail, and he has reset the password with the security question. Then, in the mailbox, Croll hackers have found Twitter password from the Yahoo account owner.

News is still following the hacker attack wave worm that attacked Twitter in the beginning of the month April. In such cases, the worm variants have been the cause of action of spam without the legitimate user.

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HP Pavilion dv6z, Design Excellent Value

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HP Pavilion dv6z
HP Pavilion Notebook dv6z this size 16 inch display with a processor features AMD dual-core processors, the performance increase the quality, of course with a slightly cheaper price of around $ 774. HP Pavilion dv6z also has a glossy and modern design. Display this notebook has a plastic protector "espresso Black" which can reduce abrasion without scratching. While the body dv6z HP Pavilion notebook is also very smooth at the edge, so that when brought comfort.

Advantages Of HP Pavilion notebook excess dv6z:

* Cost of a good notebook
* Port is excellent
* Design and quality
* High-quality Speaker


* Resilience battery still average
* Screen resolution is low for the 16 inch display
* Easy to heat in the bottom of the notebook

specification HP Pavilion notebook dv6z:

* Processor: 2.1GHz AMD Athlon X2 QL-64 dual core
* Graphic Card: ATI Radeon HD 4530 512MB
* Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium SP 1 (32-bit)
* Screen: 16.0 "diagonal High Definition HP Brightview Display (1366x768)
* Memory: 3GB DDR2
* Harddisk: 250GB SATA HDD (5400rpm)
* Optical Drive: Lightscibe SuperMulti 8X DVD + / -R/RW with Double Layer support
* Wireless and communications: 802.11b / g WLAN and Bluetooth
* Battery: 6-cell Li-Ion (10.8V, 47Wh)
* Dimensions: 14.9 "(W) x 10.2" (D) x 1.4 "(min H) / 1.7" (max H)
* Weight: 2.8kg or 6.36lbs
* Warranty: 1 year
* Price: $ 774.99

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IE8 3x More Quick Compared Firefox ?

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Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft claims that the research results from Internet Explorer 8 is faster than 3:05 Firefox 1.0 and Google Chrome. Microsoft has produced 14 page report ( and video support that claim that IE8 has a speed of 3 times compared to Firefox and Chrome, when loading a web page. Results report and video Microsoft provides the first step in a campaign to win sympathy for the users and developers who now have started go leave IE8, Firefox, and prefer Chrome.

Meanwhile, the report in Microsoft, not the Opera browser, and Microsoft claimed to have fewer publications than IE8. Microsoft IE8 road tests show content from 25 websites in the surf by user can be stored in the cache, a fact that may help speed loading for all browsers. In addition, the video is shown in the add-on are minimal. Microsoft to run some tests without using add-on, as the three cases, namely for the Adobe Systems Flash, Microsoft has Silverlight, and Windows Media Player (Wmp).

With IE8 made this slim, Microsoft believes that the partner ecosystem and the add-on will prefer Windows, IE and Microsoft in general. However, if Microsoft is not yet known then combine the results from the test add-on and the final report for the best statistical data calculations. Microsoft is also doing time loading web with the "visual cues", or a combination of features and ability to interact with web pages, to determine if a page has a heavy load or not. Microsoft also said that the notification will give consistent results in some sites, especially if the sites that contain programs Ajax.

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Acer - Tells Secret Launch Of Windows 7

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Acer executives have a release date of the launch of Windows 7. Want to feel like a curious public, the director of the Acer in the UK, Bobby Watkins, said that Microsoft will release Windows 7 software system date in October 23 this year, as confirmation on the earlier statement that Microsoft is planning the release of Windows 7 in the target year 2010.

As the site of a gadget, Pocket Lint on the model of Windows 7, Watkins said that "October 23rd is the date the Windows 7 will be available", meaning when the policy update Microsoft. The latest news, Microsoft released immediately on the Windows 7 RC on May 5, before the final version of Windows 7 released.

In addition, in this week Microsoft has made security features include the latest version of Windows 7 to RC (Release Candidate), with solid build protective order to prevent entry of malware from a USB flash drive or have the Autorun feature in Windows system.

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Become Famous Through Youtube

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Youtube Downloader
Youtube is not any longer the main and favorite place to find and download video, there are a variety of video from music video clips, funny video and incompetent, video, soccer, etc.. Seeing the internet connection with the thousands of videos we can select for download for free. Blogger also many who take advantage of Youtube as posting them to provide video on youtube which is made in the posting.

In fact installing video blog on youtube is one of the SEO techniques that can improve traffik visit to the site, because with the Google index can do a video blog of us that we install it. Games that we can place it on the posting comes from a video that has been in and out of YouTube videos that we have created yourself. For the video itself may be we still use YouTube as a media storage. We can make a video that we create and upload them on YouTube to make us become famous because of the video can attract millions of people to access the video.

To attract many visitors who will see our video of course the video should be unique compared to other videos such as the two brothers namely from Philippines Momoy Palaboy that make them famous thanks to video that they created on YouTube. Actually very easy to create a unique video on Youtube, here's some tips that can be a reference in making a video to YouTube:

1. Create a video of scenes of violence or skirmish
2. Create a video about the cuteness of children.
3. Create a video about animals that do funny things and incompetent.
4. I went to an event like a concert, or watching football rivalry ultah friend do not forget to bring handycam to record the incident funny, unique or cool from the event [the camera phone can also be].
5. Record the potential that you have, for example I have for this hobby singing in the bathroom or have a skill in playing the guitar, you can be recorded and uploaded on YouTube, who knows a producer who saw the talent you have.
6. If you have the skill in sports, such as the Juggling skill in football you can also merakam great and I, you can glance at the big clubs europe .. (^_^)..he..3x
7. Have mastery in games such as puzzle solving Rubik cube quickly or have a good yoyo tricks, you can show off on YouTube.
8. Have a hobby can eat fenomenal be if we make a video record of eating cayenne and upload them on YouTube, guaranteed will be scene.

Besides can download a free video site YouTube can be a means to make someone become familiar with the origin of the popular videos that showed the positive talents that we have, not like some of the most well-through nasty videos ..

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